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St. Stephen’s Basilica

In the plaza before St. Stephen’s a group spins about on their Segways, some apparently video-chatting.

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Orbán’s occupation monument

This leaflet was available in at least six languages. I read through the German version carefully and thought it indistinguishable from the English in both content and tone. I thought of the demonstrations I’ve attended where organizers are hard-pressed to … Continue reading

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Hungarian Parliament

Parliament building from the Nagy statue.

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Imre Nagy

This group is Scandinavian. I sat here for a while and watched groups of tourists – men, women, different nationalities – take photos with the statue. Some people just walk over the bridge. The metal is very slippery, posing a … Continue reading

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Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park

The entrance to the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park is through a synagogue after one pays 13 €. I think the only time I paid that much was for a combination ticket, for instance in Wien 15 € allowed you entrance … Continue reading

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Hungarian National Museum

What did it mean to be halfway between serfdom and a middle-class way of life? Were peasants, agricultural and industrial workers happy? Was this what caused them to emigrate? Were did the new phenomena of the workers’ movement come from? … Continue reading

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Holocaust Memorial Center

I liked the physical design of the museum, with slanting walls, a lack of right angles, the entrance through a dark basement, long sloping ramps all emphasizing the disorientation of deported Hungarian Jews and Roma. There was a noticeable and … Continue reading

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