Wolfgang Pauli lives

Sam Husseini:

In a remarkably unhinged analysis, NPR host Terry Gross and New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper claimed that Russia is a communist country — as they went on about how detached from reality rightwing Republicans are.


After I and others tweeted about this, NPR posted this correction:

POST-BROADCAST CORRECTION: In the audio version of this story, Terry Gross incorrectly states that Russia is a communist country, when she meant to say that Putin was the head of the KGB during the communist era.

Which almost makes it worse.

Hey, do you remember Pershing Summer? Remember the Reagan Administration, Grenada, El Salvador? I know I do. I also remember The Call and Modern Romans. Back there in 1983 I think Michael Been nailed it. Garth Hudson of The Band on keyboards. You know he remembered Nixon and Vietnam.

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