Stoppt das Töten in der Ukraine – Aufrüstung ist nicht die Lösung!

Yesterday a dozen people with a loudspeaker stood before the Russian Embassy and told another dozen curious passersby why we were all there.

The Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft reports yesterday there were similar strong signs for peace and disarmament in over 30 cities, from Hamburg to München and Bonn to Berlin. The organizers were satisfied. This last assessment reminded me of the programmatic US peace activist insistence demonstrations are always “a success”. Without any sort of performance criteria it is impossible for an event to fail.

The VVN Twitter coverage was careful to use photos showing just a portion of those present, so there is no way of knowing how few are there. It’s all good, all a success, always.

There is certainly quite a change from February 27.

Was Berlin only outraged when the war was new and exciting? Is Putin no longer Hitler?

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