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KZ-Außenlager Schlieben-Berga

Schlieben-Berga was the third-largest of Buchenwald’s satellite camps. Residences now coexist with the buildings of the concentration camp weapons plants. “Hey, want to have a drink at my place after work? Just turn left at the munitions dump, I’m the … Continue reading

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Stalag IV B Mühlberg

Stalag IV B was where Kurt Vonnegut was imprisoned. The guide at Ehrenhain Zeithain had said that at Mühlberg the camp had been demolished and the site was returning to the woods, and he wasn’t joking. The foundations of the … Continue reading

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Gedenkstätte Ehrenhain Zeithain

Regionale Besonderheiten? Tablets listing names of the known dead stand silent witness on the neatly trimmed lawn. As one walks more become visible beneath the trees.

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Schloss Colditz

When I was a kid my dad and I had read exciting stories about English airmen escaping from Colditz Castle. Though the day was warm and sunny up above, these chambers were cold. Lifesize cardboard cutouts made from black and … Continue reading

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UK’s Johnson in bid to save Iran nuclear deal

The phrasing of articles over the past weeks from the BBC, Guardian, Spiegel, Die Zeit, is all of intelligent rational actors – Macron, Merkel, Johnson – engaging with a twit. Emmanuel Macron’s thesis for his master’s level degree was on … Continue reading

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