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The original wooden doors burned in 1760. These bronze doors with the Theses inscribed in the original Latin are from 1858.

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Ants of Wittenberg

The German march through Belgium, like the march of predator ants who periodically emerge from the South American jungle to carve a swath of death across the land, was cutting its way across field, road village, and town, like the … Continue reading

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KZ Lichtenburg

The first women to be imprisoned at Ravensbrück were transferred there from Lichtenburg. I thought about Ernst Richter off and on through the afternoon. This was painted on the wall of each cell. A punishment cell. It’s about waist-high.

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I remember around 2000 it was not unusual to see trucks on the Autobahn with bumperstickers reading “Free German Trucker” with various emblems of the American redneck south, like a Confederate flag, or the Texas “Don’t tread on me” with … Continue reading

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Liège, battle of the tumorous monster slugs

Liège was cut off from the outside world; when the great black weapons reached the outskirts within range of the forts, only the local inhabitants saw the advent of the monsters that to one observer looked like “overfed slugs.” Their … Continue reading

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