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Jedem das seine. Arbeit macht frei. Coercion of the imprisoned into self-torture causes its own unique agony, as Mitchell and Jessen made millions proselytizing. I reflect on agency at places such as this. “But what can I do about Guantánamo? … Continue reading

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Wo ist das Konzentrationslager?

I can’t really remember, but it was somewhere along this road in 1997 that I asked a resident that. Petra was really embarrassed – “you just don’t ask people such things.” That’s kind of my life in a nutshell. The … Continue reading

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Die Drachenschlucht

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Goldener Löwe

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Johann Swaschnik’s

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Hotel Glockenhof, Eisenach

After months of buying my own food I’d forgotten how much fun it is to walk up to a nice hotel Frühstück buffet, with five kinds of cheeses, liverwurst, preserves, everything! I like the ritual of hotel guests all saying … Continue reading

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Bachhaus, Eisenach

Bach was born here in 1685. This is perhaps my fourth visit. It’s exciting every time.

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